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BOYvsBEAST Kids´ Privacy Policy
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1. What types of information do we collect about kids?
Kids can explore view content, and play many games without any personal information being collected. We do not collect personal information from kids unless they register on to become a VIP. Typically, kids will register in order to access bonus features or to receive email updates about the BOYvsBEAST brand. The only information we collect from kids during our registration process is a child´s name, birth date, email address and parent´s e-mail address. We collect birth dates to validate the ages of our guests, including kids. We do not collect any other personally identifiable information from kids during our registration process.

2. How do we use and share the personally identifiable information that we have collected about kids?

If a kid registers for updates or enters a competition, we use the parent´s email address to notify the parent of their child´s registration request or winning entry. We collect the child’s email address in order to validate the registration and to send the child an infrequent newsletter.

3. How do we notify and obtain consent from parents for the collection of information from their kids?
We send parents an email when their child registers to become a VIP. Should the parent not wish their child to become a VIP they can contact us and we will delete their child’s information from our database. If we don´t hear back from the parent, we assume it is acceptable for the child to be registered as a VIP. Once a parent permits a child to register to be VIP, the child will be able to explore the restricted access sections of the site without any further notification to the parent. Should a child win a competition, we notify the parent at the parent´s email address provided to us during the registration process and request that the parent provide their postal address for purposes of delivering the prize. We may publish a winner´s first name, first initial of last name, city, and state of residence on our website. If a parent doesn’t respond to a winning competition email, a prize will not get posted out.

4. What happens if a child enters a competition?
When a child enters a competition on they will be asked for their name, email address, age and parent’s email address. Once the BOYvsBEAST Team has appraised all entries, the parent of the winning entrants will be contacted by the email address provided to confirm address details to mail out prizes. Lemonfizz Media will not send the prize if parental consent is not given.

5. What happens if a child signs up to be a VIP?
When a child signs up to be a VIP they will be asked to provide: their name, birth date, email address, and parent/guardian’s email address. Once has received the registration, an email will be sent to the child’s email address with all the login details. Simultaneously, the parent of the applicant will be contacted by the email address provided to inform them of the registration. The parent can request that the child not be registered and the child’s details will be deleted from the database. In good faith, Lemonfizz Media accepts that the information submitted by registrants is correct and cannot be held responsible for activating accounts that have not been approved by parents.

6. How does monitor the messages posted to its bulletin board?
All messages submitted for publication to’s bulletin board are appraised by a BOYvsBEAST Team member before being published to the site. Lemonfizz Media is committed to the safety of its website visitors and reserves the right to reject messages that are considered inappropriate (please see Terms of Use)